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Toshiko Watanabe

The artist makes her art works using Japanese paper, Indian ink and Japanese paints. She works outside with physical movements and also uses a method that relies on coincidence. Since 2018 she started to create objects with mulberry paper, which became one of the elements of her installation.

Main Solo Exhibitions:

2023 Gallery Iriya, Kita-Ueno, Tokyo
2022 Gallery HINOKI B・C, Kyobashi, Tokyo
2021 Gallery Kaze, Ginza, Tokyo
      Gallery HINOKI e・F, Kyobashi, Tokyo
2020 Gallery HINOKI B・C, Kyobashi, Tokyo
2019 Gallery HINOKI B・C, Kyobashi, Tokyo
      Gallery Iriya, Kita-Ueno, Tokyo
2017 Gallery HINOKI e・F, Kyobashi, Tokyo
2015 Gallery HINOKI plus, Kyobashi, Tokyo
2014, 2015 Gallery Mona, Azabujuban, Tokyo
2012, 2009, 2007 Gallery Kaze, Ginza,Tokyo
2010, 2006, 2005 Tea Cottage at Tokyo National Museum, Ueno, Tokyo
2009 Gallery Brocken, Koganei, Tokyo
2006 Gallery T, Enoshima, Kanagawa
2005, 2003, 2001 Gallery Kobayashi, Ginza, Tokyo
2000, 1999 Gallery Natsuka, Ginza, Tokyo

Invited Exhibitions:

2022 “ART in NATURE Ⅱ”, Museum of Nature of Cantabria, Cantabria, Spain
2021 IAPMA Paper Art Exhibition “APPROACH”, Toyota City Folk Craft Museum,
2018 “Contemporary Art from Japan part3” Gallery Kretsen, Sodertalje, Sweden
2016 “Sorrow and Hope” Two Person Show, West Wyomimg Community College, Wyoming,. U.S.A.
      “Japan Paper Art”, Edsvik Art Hall, Sollentuna, Sweden
2014 “Contemporary Art from Japan part 2”, Saltskog Gard, Sodertalje, Sweden
       “Happening in Nature”,Gallery Stenlander, Stockholm, Sweden
2013 “Kranj International Fine Art Festival”, Kranj, Slovenia
      “Kakejiku Contemporary Art from Japan”,, Vilnius Art Academy, Vilnius, Lithuania
      “Global Marks” Two Person Show, Western Wyoming Community College, Wyoming, U.S.A.
2011 “Cultural Exchange Week-Slovenia and Japan in Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Competitions Selected:

2023 “Paper Alive!” Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden, Germany
2022 “Paper off Skin” Rants Arts, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
2021 “FEATS ON PAPER”2021 Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale, Fengxian Museum, Shanghai, China
2014 “Contemporary Art from Japan part 2” Sodertalje Konsthall, Sodertalje, Sweden
2010 “Contemporary Art from Japan” Sodertalje Konsthall, Sodertalje, Sweden

Artist in Residence:

2013 Hisa Layer, Kranj, Slovenia

Public Collection:

Arany Yanos Memorial Museum, Nagyszalonta, Romania
Hisa Layer, Kranj, Slovenia


2021, 2022 7’th, 8’th International Science and Practical Conference
“Socio-Cultural Trends in the Development of Modern Design and Art”, Kherson, Ukraine